Monday, March 8, 2010

Thinkquest Competition

Perdana Leadership Foundation is calling for entries from Malaysian students both primary and secondary schools and their teacher-coaches to take part in the “Learning from Malaysian Leadership and History Project Contest 2010”. The contest is now open and will end on 15th April 2010.

Teams comprised of students and teachers will work together using ThinkQuest Projects to create learning projects that highlight the contest theme. The contest emphasises student originality, creativity and thinking ability. Fundamentally, it is designed to help students develop essential 21st century skills while making the learning experience enjoyable and engaging by utilizing ThinkQuest Projects as the online collaborative project tool.

Topics of the contest are based on the age-approriate categories. Two topics are available for each category. Each participating team must choose ONE topic from the options available. Topics are as follows:

Lower Primary ( Primary 1-3).
1. Visit a Library at your locality. From your visit, how would you make best use of the library and what do you think are the roles that Libraries and Librarians play in making you understand more about Malaysian History?
2. Visit a Library in your locality. From your visit,how would you make best use of the library and what do you think Libraries and Librarians can do to promote good reading habits amongst young Malaysians like yourselves?

Upper Primary ( Primary 4-6 ).
1.What do you think primary schools in Malaysia should do to promote leadership in young Malaysians?
2.Select Malaysian Prime Minister and present the ten most unique and interesting facts and anecdotes about the Prime Minister.

Lower Secondary ( Forms 1-3 ).
1.Construct a timeline of Malaysian history, select three most important events and the lessons Malaysia can learn.
2.Elaborate on the Rukunegara and tell us why it is important. As a good Malaysian citizen, how do we pledge Rukunegara in our daily lives.

Upper Secondary ( Forms 4&5 ).
1.All of Malaysia's Prime Ministers from the time of Tunku Abdul Rahman to present, emphasises the importance of national unity. What do you understand as national unity and how can you, as a young Malaysian, contribute to national unity
2.What is your understanding of the one Malaysian concept? In your opinion, how can this concept help advance our nation.

This project will provide students and teachers with the knowledge and resources necessary available at Perdana Leadership Foundation’s Digital Library. To access this library, please email to

Top team and top teacher-coach in each category will be awarded with cash prizes.

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